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EWB welcomes contributions from all those, Europhile or Eurosceptic, public figure or activist, who wish to express their views on the EU, preferably in reaction to a recent event.

EWB COMMENTS Presentation

Testimonials must be well-constructed and no longer than 3 minutes. They will be professionally recorded and broadcast by EWB on its social networks, as well as by the invited witness on their own networks.


#1 - Catriona Seth "Brexit"
#2 - Charles Morel "The EU against tax heavens"
#3 - Fabien Chevalier "Why should we defend the EU?"
#4 - Olivier Costa "Conference on the Future of Europe"
#5 - Denis Simonneau "The Nord Stream 2 pipeline"
#6 - Lisdalia Da Silva "The State of law in the EU"
#7 - Zoé Bondu-Geoffroy "Women's rights in the EU"
#8 - National Assembly debate "The Europe of Defense"
#9 - Dorothée Merville "European youth"
#10 - Anne Tallineau "Franco-German youth"
#11 - Michel Derdevet "European Strategic Autonomy"
#13 - Philippe Cayla "The European passport"
#12 - Michel Derdevet "The European Citizens' Initiative "Voters without borders"
#14 - 
#15 - Stéphane Barnoin "Europe and Media: The Centre-France press group"
#17 - Traian Sandu "Is the euro good for all Europeans?"
#19 - Fanny Fayolle "International mobility programs with Concordia"
#21 - Luisa Varela "International mobility programs with Concordia"
#23 - Michael Vincent "Europe against the green swans"
#16 - Daniela Walova "Discovering the European Solidarity Corps"
#18 - Jean-Dominique Giuliani " Assessing the French presidency of the European Union"
#20 - Ninon Bourgeois "International mobility programs with Concordia"
#22 - Philippe Cayla "Franco-German couples"
#24 - Philippe Cayla "Let's give Ukrainians European citizenship"
#25 - Philippe Cayla "European defense or defense of Europe?"
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