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EWB considered the Brexit referendum a major risk for the European Union in 2016, and sought to dissuade Britons from voting no to the EU.

The Gloomy Aftermath of Brexit

In 2016, EWB produced "The gloomy aftermath of Brexit", aired before the June 23, 2016 referendum. And announcing in advance the negative result and its consequences for the UK. The video enjoyed remarkable broadcast success, thanks in particular to its pick-up and retransmission by Reuters, as well as by several European TV channels. 

Unfortunately, the film wasn't enough to dissuade the British, who ultimately voted for Brexit ... by banning Europeans living in the UK from voting. 

Arte's YOUROPE program on EWB and Brexit

Thanks Brexit: Welcome to Europe

Following the Brexit, Europeans have left but aren't necessarily worse off for it, as this short educational video produced in 2018 by EWB for the Mairie de Paris and the Commune d'Ixelles of the Brussels Community explains.

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