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Since its creation, EWB has fought for the extension and expression of European citizenship, and in particular for freedom of movement and the right to vote.

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Let me vote

In 2013, EWB launched one of the first European Initiatives (ECIs) with "Let me vote", which aimed to extend Europeans' right to vote in their country of residence to all elections.

Voters Without Borders

In 2022, the idea of extending Europeans' right to vote in their country of residence to all elections was relaunched by the ECIT Foundation under the name "Voters Without Borders". This ECI is supported by EWB, which produced a video to illustrate the initiative, which was aired by TV5 in August 2021.

At the request of ECIT, which is campaigning throughout Europe, the video was also produced and released in English, German, Italian, Dutch and Spanish.

English Version

German Version

Italian Version

Dutch Version

Spanish Version

Making it automatic for German and French citizens to acquire the nationality of their partner in a union could, in time, give a very concrete meaning to the notion of European citizenship, writes Philippe Cayla, president of the association Europeans Without Borders, in a forum for Le Monde.


Joachim Bitterlich and Philippe Cayla call for a strengthening of European citizenship by giving Europeans the right to vote in all elections in their country of residence in an article published in Paris Berlin magazine.

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In 2012, Catherine COLONNA proposed extending the European vote in a forum for Le Monde.
Answer her call by voting for the European Citizens' Initiative "Voters Without Borders" before June 11, 2022.

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"Catherine Colonna, a seasoned diplomat at Foreign Affairs".

by Juliette Gheerbrant, on RFI

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European passport

EWB is also pushing for the very concept of European citizenship to be extended to all people with a long-term residence permit from a member state of the European Union, and for these people to be granted a "European passport", concepts developed in a forum by Philippe Cayla and Noel Chahid-Nouraï in ESPRIT magazine in 2018, and in a study by Flora Dano.


Discover your rights as a European citizen.

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